Tips for tourism operators

If you are a tourism venture operator with a venture listed as one of our “unethical tourism ventures” then here are some tips to help you get out of that category.

Find other ways for tourists to interact with and appreciate wildlife


  • Switch your “hands on” encounter to a walk through an enclosure
  • Exchange high energy foods for lower energy foods if you must feed your animals as part of your tourism experience
  • Feed animals as close of a diet as possible to what they would consume in the wild
  • Provide enrichment and high level stimulants to animals kept in captivity
  • Use positive reinforcement for animal training rather than negative reinforcement
  • Replace elephant rides with walking trails or bathing
  • Try and minimize human contact with animals to lower the spread of zoonotic diseases
  • For cage diving ventures, scent the water instead of chumming
  • Implement high levels of education and signage to your venture
  • Use your venture to conserve other wild populations




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