“What can I say about heroic tourism? Its one of those things that is so simple AND makes so much sense. The most important message is that the tourism industries that exist, exist because we all support them in one way or another. And through our actions we can all choose better ventures we’d like to see existing instead in our favourite travel destinations. Easy as pie!”
-Vanessa AUS

“I had prepared long and hard for my travels to Thailand; in amongst those plans were going to the tiger temple to see them close up and definitely a ride on an elephant was on the cards! Of course I wanted those holiday snaps too! That was until I was taught to know better by heroic tourism. They helped me to see why the welfare of these animals was not something that is taken into account by these tourist ventures. They helped me to learn more about the health implications that these animals face from us using them as objects for our own personal satisfaction (no matter what excuses we use for taking part in captive animal encounters). I also now understand why I shouldn’t be putting photos of me doing such things up on social media; I had seen photos of my friends doing these things, leading me to want to do it and think that it is ok in the first place.”

“From now on, I will help to be one of the voices behind heroic tourism.”
-Lou UK

“We all love showing off with our facebook profile pictures. Casually petting a baby tiger during your vacation in Thailand or the selfie you took when a lemur jumped on your shoulder on your Madagascar trip. The truth is, though, that that little baby tiger was drugged and the lemur was just after the banana in your hand when actually it already has diabetes.”

“I’ve been travelling most of this year. Been to a lot of places where people would tell me all about the amazing time they had doing extraordinary stuff like riding an elephant. Heroic Tourism though is an easy way to do some research on what it is you’re really doing. You can still have that amazing experience AND you’re doing something good for this planet. For example, I spent the last two months on Malapascua, a remote island in the Philippines. It’s the only place in the world where you can encounter the rare Thresher Sharks on a daily basis. Out in the wild in their natural habitat. It was such a unique experience seeing them. Also, the dive venue puts a lot of effort into the conservation of these animals. Even if a diver accidentally used a flash to take a picture of the shark he would get a talking to afterwards. The flash can seriously bother the sharks as they are nocturnal. I myself got to lead these shark dives and brief the divers on how to behave once we’d see a shark. It was an enormously educating time for me and by trying to show my fellow divers how easy it can be to make a difference when diving with the sharks simply by acting accordingly. And that’s what Heroic Tourism is all about! You can do so much to change this planet and Heroic Tourism can show you how, just like it showed me. Plus, my selfie posing with the passing Thresher Shark is way more awesome than any drugged Tiger selfie!”
-Sarah CH