Heroic Photography

A Hero’s Guide to Holiday Snaps

When it comes to the 21st century, photos play a huge part in anyone’s travel plans. You see, now that there is Facebook, Instagram and a million other ways to display your photos online, you do need to be careful about the impact your photos are having, and I don’t just mean how many “likes” they have. In fact, without you even knowing, your photos could mean life or death for some animals around the world.
Because of the immense power of photo taking, we’ve decided to present to you: THE HERO’S GUIDE TO PHOTOS!

Taking pictures with animals on the streets

  • Animals in street markets are often kept in horrible conditions
  • Taking photos with these animals promotes their demand in the black market trade
  • Sharing these images with your friends leads to more of these animals being taken from the wild and kept in small cages for photo opportunities

Taking pictures with animals in tourist parks

  • Letting animals climb over you for pictures often means disease or chemicals can be transferred between yourself and the animal
  • Close range flashes can damage retinas
  • These photos promote tourist parks over national or wildlife parks

Accidentally contributing to the exotic pet trade

  • Posting pictures with animals may lead to someone seeing your photo and wanting the animal as a pet
  • Animals are bought and sold illegally on Facebook everyday
  • Your photo may be encouraging the illegal pet trade instead of preventing it

Taking photos with animals in a sanctuary you worked at

  • Always write descriptions with your photos so your friends and family know you have interacted with animals ethically
  • Try to refrain from posting animal selfies as this usually sends the wrong message and encourages animals as pets or objects to be picked up or touched
  • Use these photos as an opportunity to educate your friends and family about the best ways to interact with animals

Taking photos of wild animals

  • Avoid using location tags as poachers may use your photos to track down highly sought after animals
  • Use long range lenses so you can keep a good distance between yourself and the animal
  • Try to keep in safe areas such as vehicles and established paths while you take your photos