2018 Events- Elephant event review with statistics!

April 2018

Education for elephants SA Youth Week event

This week, Adelaide City Council celebrated Youth Week in amongst the council confines of Adelaide. On Friday the 20th of April, Heroic Tourism held their second event for 2018 based around the education of elephants in the tourism industry. Surrounded by amazing food platters from the Halifax Café, members of the public dug in and settled in, ready to watch the documentary “Tyke the Elephant Outlaw”.

The screening provoked a lot of sadness in the audience and after the documentary ended, we had an interesting discussion with the audience about the plight of elephants in tourism and the choices we can make to promote their health and wellbeing when we travel. We discussed elephant riding, elephants used for logging in remote villages and elephants made to perform in circuses and other performances. Before the event, one third of the audience would have happily ridden an elephant, or have ridden an elephant during their travels, however after watching the documentary and discussing with the audience, 100% of people said they would no longer support the mistreatment of elephants in the tourism industry.

During the discussion, we also touched on how incredible it is to have your own unique moment with wild animals that you did not expect to see, tips on getting the most out of your tours and the magic of encountering the unexpected. Heroic Tourism was thrilled to be accompanied by Lana Morro who is studying captive elephants and was able to share her experience with wild herds compared to the haunting realities of their captive relatives.

Here are some thoughts and feelings that our audience members took away from our event:

“It reinforces the view I already had that all wild animals should not be exploited for entertainment purposes. Animals in the wild are amazing!”- Male 31-40 yrs old

“An informative example to help educate others about the truth in regard to wild animals” – Female 31-40 yrs old

“Instilled/confirmed the destructive nature of tourism with animals” – Female 31-40 yrs old

“Circuses with wild animals and similar facilities should be a thing of the past” -Male 31-40 yrs old

 “A greater depth of cruelty in captivity- has motivated me to become a proactive conservation activist- I applaud you for bringing this to the front of people’s mind. Well done!’” -Female 50+ yrs old

“Elephants never forget” -Male 26-30 yrs old

“That we can stop this” Female 19-25 yrs old

A huge thankyou to Sustainable Communities for funding the running of this event and for the Box Factory Community Centre for providing the venue and Catering. It was once again a successful evening full of inspiring and empowering brand new tourism heroes.

Event Statistics

Please note that some audience members voted for more than one option making the statistics equal more than 100%




Non Binary0%       

10-18 Years old      0%   

19-25 Years old7% 

26-30 Years old      23%     

31-40 Years old30%

41-50 Years old0%

50+ Years old30%

What drove the audience to attend the event?

Friends and family53%

They love elephants15%

They wanted to learn more about captive elephants38%

Other reason7%

What did the audience know about elephants before attending this event?

Absolutely nothing23%

They had heard some things38%

They had seen news articles about elephant shows30%

They had seen “Tyke the Elephant Outlaw” before0%

They keep up to date with elephants in tourism7%

How much did the audience care about elephants in tourism before attending this event?

Elephants weren’t on their radar at all15%

They cared but were not aware of their captive lives46%

They cared a lot and didn’t support captive elephants30%

They sought to bring about change on this issue7%

Before going to this event would the audience happily support elephants in captivity?



After attending this event would the audience happily support elephants in captivity?



Did attending this event make the audience care more about elephants in the tourism industry?

Not at all0%

A little bit, but they would still pay to see them0%

Yes, they wouldn’t support captive elephants38%

Hell Yes! They would tell everyone about this issue53%

Did this event make the audience more inclined to see wild animals rather than captive animals while you travel?



They still want to see a mix of wild and captive animals23%