Sea Parks

What constitutes a sea park?

A sea park is any place where cetaceans (whales and dolphins) as well as other marine mammals are held to perform for human entertainment.

Why shouldn’t I go to them?

  • Animals are separated from their offspring at birth causing severe social and emotional damage
  • Animals are captured from the wild which often resorts in a mass slaughter of remaining individuals that were not collected for the parks, for consumption
  • Animals are held in swimming pools which are too small for comfortable and stimulating movement. Car parks in these ventures are often allocated more space than the enclosures
  • Animals are often kept with members of different social groups which often leads in fight related damage to their skin
  • Orca fins often flop over in captivity
  • Animal lifespan is reduced

Where can I see marine mammals instead?

  • Whale watching tours
  • Dolphin cruises
  • Viewing points on coastlines



Author: Jessie Panazzolo

As a conservationist, I aim to inspire the public to be more engaged with the environment and the wildlife around them. It is my hope that everyone will realize that no matter what their career may be, they can also be a conservationist by demonstrating empathetic behaviour to wildlife.

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