Animal Tourist Parks

Animal Tourist Parks?

Tourist parks are designed as areas where tourists can pay money to see and or interact with animals. Activities at a tourist park may involve photo opportunities, feeding and touching animals.

Why are these places bad?

  • Animals are usually fed only a subsection of their full diets
  • Tourists are often encouraged to feed high calorie foods to animals
  • Touching animals transfers insect repellent and diseases to animals
  • Animals aren’t often encouraged to perform natural behaviours as there are too many humans around
  • Camera flashes may damage animal retinas

How can I see animals instead?

  • Ethical zoos
  • National parks
  • Safaris
  • Guided tours
  • Eco tours


Author: Jessie Panazzolo

As a conservationist, I aim to inspire the public to be more engaged with the environment and the wildlife around them. It is my hope that everyone will realize that no matter what their career may be, they can also be a conservationist by demonstrating empathetic behaviour to wildlife.

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