(noun): The act of saving the world whilst you travel.

If you have always dreamed of being a super hero with very minimal effort, you have come to the right place. It turns out it is easy to save the world, you just have to make the right decisions when you travel.

That’s right, you can save lives just by travelling! The best part is that it requires no real effort on your behalf except for following some very basic tips.

Tourism has the potential to save or destroy an ecosystem and to conserve or harm animals in the process of this, so Heroic Tourism was born to make sure that tourism is a tool for global positive change instead of environmental degradation.

On your next holiday, why not be a Hero!





Here at Heroic Tourism, we have been working hard with Australian Tourism Ventures to incorporate wildlife into their tourism experiences. We have documented many species of native fauna, but the birds have been the most exciting to document as well as to just watch and observe their behaviour.

Here are some of the photos taken during the wildlife audit in Crystal Creek Meadows Luxury Cottages from October 2017.  We hope you enjoy the images as much as we do and we hope you begin to look out for bird life wherever you are on your next holiday as a trusty Tourism Hero!

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